Welcome to KidLinx! Another kids site? Aren't there plenty already?? Well, yes... and no! Actually, that's sort of the point. There's a LOT out there. You could spend YEARS wading through it all...

At KidLinx, it's our goal to be your guide to the best stuff out on the web for kids. We hope you'll find us helpful in discovering great stuff. We also help you'll help us build our site by telling us about great sites we don't have posted yet...and, yes...we know there are some. And there are new sites coming online every day!


In order to be of the most help in guiding you to the treasures we've found, we offer two categories:

Highly Recommended Sites: People who love kids love to see them learn, imagine and play in a safe environment. We've spent a lot of time on the web in the last few years, and we've found a lot of really great things that people are doing to educate and inspire kids. These are the very best sites we found on the net for kids. We recommend them highly and hope you'll take time to visit them and enjoy them. Be sure to tell your friends about them as well. Everybody wins when we support quality web sites for kids with our time and money!

Sites That Are Worth A Look: While these sites for kids didn't get our highest rating, we felt that they still had much to offer. Why didn't they rate at the top? Many times, they have great content, but lacked somewhat in execution, clarity of vision or were difficult to navigate. You'll find that many of these sites have been online almost as long as the web itself has existed! And, since many of these types of sites aren't about making money, they don't have a huge staff maintaining them. Anyway, it's true: you really can't judge a book by its cover (or its home page!). These sites are valuable, and worth the investment of your time!

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your time here! ;-)

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